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For Anne Marie

Another one enters the fray

The matriarch of the siblings, Jennie/Jennifer has now entered the blogging fray! You can find her on Filing Rooms in the places to go section!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A White Russian...

made with soy milk, puts a whole new meaning on "Drink Responsibly"

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Disgruntled Is She ???

Jaime wrote a wonderfully long post how she's disgruntled at the cafe "ministry" where we volunteer at our church. I am equally disgruntled, but I also have to do cheesy Christmas music for four services this weekend. The music is so difficult, and yet so poorly written that I have an extremely high level of anxiety on this one. I even had anxiety dreams last night, I don't even know when the last time I had an anxiety dream was, but here I am having them last night.

You would think that I had learned my lesson the last time I did something like this. It was for a praise and worship night they called "Rain" and it was all gospel music. Not like Aretha gospel, not even like Kirk Franklin gospel it was just bad cheesy white-people-tryin-to-be-black gospel, blah...That was the one when the worship leader said it was going to be kinda funky, and I said, "Oooh, like George Clinton and the P-Funk funky?" After staring at me for a significant amount of time..."No, not that funky." "Oh.."

So this time when he called and asked if I would be willing to play acoustic for the Christmas Musical (which isn't technically a musical, it's just a bunch of Christmas music trying to make the impression of a neutral environment so they can then switcheroo to the gospel message) you would think...He's smart, he's getting his masters, a Phd. he'll say no...but I said yes. So now I had one week to learn these horribly bad songs with four key changes (because key changes are emotive, so four key changes are really emotive).

Oh, and then there's the really bad spoken segues, that when I was listening to the CD they gave me, I thought, At least they won't have that crap...Wrong again! So not only do I have to deal with my church selling its soul in the cafe. I also have to deal with the crappy music that is going on this weekend. And there is nothing worse than having to play difficult music that you don't like; the effort to reward relationship is way too low.

P.S. I really wish I could do those links so you could get snipets of how bad this stuff is, but it's a Christian album and a set program, so they've got a copyright on everything there and you can't even get lyric sheets without paying an arm and a leg for them....